The Song of Achilles

I was reading that book again. The Song of Achilles. Your head on my lap and you hearing me read it aloud. Just the way you always loved. It was brimming with our memories.

I always drew parallel between those characters and us and you always hated it for both of them died in the end. But you listened to it anyway because of how my eyes twinkled brighter than the stars in the sky.

The sweet and loving Patroclus being me and the handsome and prideful Achilles being you. I know that you don’t like being called prideful though you wouldn’t mind being called handsome. Anyway that’s how much i related to the story and you hated it the same.

You’ve said and did some pretty awful things, just like Achilles and I’d trade anything for you to take all of those back. But am afraid we can’t do that. You see Achilles had his reasons to justify what he did which are actually acceptable but you my love? You didn’t.

You said and did everything you wanted to in the name of insecurities and love but you know you could’ve done better. You said you wouldn’t do it again only to keep doing it regardless of how many times I’ve told you that it kills me.

You always said that i kept you grounded just like Patroclus did to Achilles but where did i go wrong that you started to find only faults in me. Picking something to complain at every action of mine. Never owning up to what you did or said. Instead you blamed me for things.

Just like them we were the heros of our story and just like them we too had our fatel flaws. Yours was your pride and love and mine was just love. Only difference is that they died in the end and we’re living a life where we would be better off dead.

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